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Consani GA Drawings  Trencor GA Drawings  

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 215041-064 (25,000 ltr)
 TASU 211 series (21,000 ltr)
 TASU 214021-214040(24,000 ltr)
 TASU 2148 electrics (24,000 ltr)
 TASU 231's SWAPS (31,000 ltr)
 TASU 235's SWAPS (35,000 ltr)
  TASU 255 series (2.5m wide)
  TASU 211 series (21,000 ltr)
  TASU 914 series (24,000 ltr)
  TASU 215 series (25,000 ltr)
 Consani Drawings  
 Index of Drawings
 0.75" Grommet
 2.5" Pressure Pad
 3" BSP Outlet Flange
 3" Butterfly Valve Stud
  3" Butterfly Valve Inlet
  3" Foot Valve Gasket
  3" Syphon Pipe Flange
  3" Top Discharge Gasket
  3" Top Discharge Weld Pad
 50% Calibration (CM - Litre)
  50% Calibration US Gallon
  Ball Valve Assembly
 Barrel Layout
  Bottom Discharge Arrangement
 Bottom Discharge Filler Plate
  Bottom Discharge Weld Pad
  Capillary Pocket
  Cladding Ring Suport Detail
 Dished End Details
  Document Holder
  Drain Tube Details
  Frame Details
  Front Frame Details
  GA Drawing
  General Data Plate
  Grab Type Remote Control
  Inch GRP End Clading
  Inch CM Calibrated Dipstick
  Insulation Details
  Ladder & Handle Assembly
  Manufacture Plate
 Manway Spillbox Detail
 Manway Spillbox Lid Detail
  Owner Plate
  Pressure Relief Valve Assembly
  Rear Frame Details
  Rear Frame Attachment
  Safety Valve Adaptor Flange
  Steam Heating Arrangment
 Steam Heating Piping Assembly
  Tank Details
  Tank Markings
 Top Discharge Assembly
  Top Discharge Blind Flange
  Top Discharge Spilbox Lid Detail
  Top Discharge Spillbox Detail
  Walkway Details
  Weld Pad Spillbox Orientation
  Weld Pad For 1.5" Air-inlet